MACSAX FJ III Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

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The FJ III takes inspiration from the great vintage pieces of the 50's and 60's and applies a new chamber design and new proportions to deliver the richest sound and best playing experience anywhere. The chamber features a specially contoured floor and baffle. This shape is unique to the FJ III and creates a free blowing feel with excellent control.

The sound is very flexible. You can go from a beautiful subtone to a timeless lead sound or a screamin' pop solo very easily. One standout feature is how big and stable the sound is. With any amount of air you get a full and balanced sound that lets your personality shine through. At extreme dynamics the sound maintains its center and projects extremely well.

The FJ III Alto is available from .072” (5) to .090” (9) tip openings. Each piece is CNC machined from the finest grade German hard rubber using the absolute latest technology and then hand finished as well as being thoroughly play tested. Our processes make each mouthpiece highly consistent and simply fantastic for the player.