The Growling Sax Partners with Anderson Musical

The Growling Sax Partners with Anderson Musical to Offer Shoppers High Quality Product Insurance Coverage for their Prized Musical Instrument Purchases

The Growling Sax makes it easier than ever to buy high quality saxophones and access high quality services and care.

NEW YORK, June 30, 2017 – The Growling Sax, Inc. (, an innovate and modern online destination for saxophones today announced a new, accessible insurance coverage option for its customers. In partnership with Anderson Musical, The Growling Sax has integrated Anderson Musical’s high-quality insurance coverage plan to its shopping experience. Consumers of The Growling Sax can now easily and digitally pick up a plan that protects their new purchases of musical instruments against loss, theft and accidental damage.

Additionally, through The Growling Sax’s newly launched Care Portal, consumers can file claims, renew coverage or cancel coverage. The new program is yet another example of The Growling Sax’s dedication to excellent customer care and services. Available upon checkout on The Growling Sax’s website, customers are given the option to apply for insurance from Anderson Musical with a click of a button.

“Partnering with Anderson Musical was a really easy decision for us,” said Melvin Quinones, General Manager of The Growling Sax. “Our customers can finally protect their valuable purchases directly at checkout.”

“Anderson Musical has been in business for over 30 years,” said Peter T. Anderson, Managing Member of Anderson Musical. “We’ve focused intensely on providing the best service and care to our insurance customers and are belated to partner with The Growling Sax in their efforts to provide more to their customers. We look forward to servicing The Growling Sax’s customers with the same level of care and support that Melvin and his team at The Growling Sax provide.”

About The Growling Sax
The Growling Sax, Inc. is an innovate and modern provider of professional saxophones. Founded by Melvin Quinones, the company is family owned and operated. The Growling Sax’s e-commerce offerings include a web-based storefront and a mobile website. Learn more at

About Anderson
Anderson Musical Instrument Insurance Solutions, LLC is the nation’s leading musical instrument insurance provider. Backed by the balance sheet of The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc. (NYSE: THG), Anderson has provided high quality insurance services for over 30 years. Anderson is headquartered in Sebring, FL and serves thousands of musical hobbyists and professionals across the globe. Learn more at